Technological Attack Consultation

Do you suspect that you might be technologically attacked/tracked by a former partner? Examples include:

Abusive phone calls or messages from multiple real/fake phone numbers
Digital account takeovers (someone may have accessed your online accounts or you have been locked out of one)
Image based abuse ( someone shares or threatens to share image without consent)
Fake social media accounts
Being tracked in a vehicle /a phone/device/spyware uploaded/set up in your house/car/devices

Then you are not alone

Completing this booking form will help us get an accurate understanding of your needs and concerns.

Please indicate in the form above your concerns in regards to each device or asset (e.g car) which may have been co-opted and we will be in touch soon. If you are unable to use the form and your not in immediate danger you can contact Naomi Oakley Director of U-nome Security on 0417363742

If you believe you are in immediate danger call 000

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