PHD Enterprises

Cyber Security

In the modern age, it has become all too easy to turn our private devices: mobiles, laptops, cars and even televisions etc into deeply embedded surveillance devices. 

PHD Enterprises can help you detect, remove and pre-empt any surveillance threat

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Fake News Removal

“Fake news” is the modern propaganda, it dishonesty is an assault on our values as a society and its effects can be devastating on a brand or a reputation.

We can help you uncover authors and trolls, burry/delete fake posts, images, articles and more to take back the narrative.

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The world has become an international place with the power of the internet, if you are not selling online you are far behind most competitors, eCommerce will open your business up to more income with much higher profits.

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Campaign Management

Campaigns are as time consuming as they are worthy and as sensative as ever in todays modern interconnected age, a spelling mistake can cost you your goals. 

You need professional seasoned advice to navigate the public and your adversaries.

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Product Sourcing

Sick of paying 5-20% off retail? Find a new sourcing model which will drastically lower your sourcing costs dramatically increasing your profit margines and profitablilty.

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