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Fake News Removal

“Fake news” is a plague in this day and age, it is an assault on our very civilisation and committing to fighting its existence is crucial to maintain sanity and rationality in society today. Fake news or heavily biased articles can damage your business, enable malicious competitors, produce/sustain monopolies. We can help you uncover trolls, burry/delete the articles and more.

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  • A Fake News Headline

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The world has become an international place with the power of the internet, don’t get left behind by competitors who are more active, ecommerce can open your business up in ways you never expected. 

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Campaign Management

Campaigns are as time consuming as they are worthy and as sensative as ever in todays modern interconnected age, a spelling mistake can cost your goals. You need professional advice to navigate the public and your adversaries.

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Product Sourcing

Sick of paying 5-20% off retail? Find a new sourcing model which only adds 5-20% onto the COST price.

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Cyber Security

Don’t make it easy for hackers to infiltrate your system and private life, find out how to make hacking neigh impossible.